Earthing Chemical Rod

Earthing Chemical Rod

We are a major Earthing Material manufacturer & supplier in the industry. We are offering quality earthing solutions regarding the safety, effectiveness and reliability of different equipments, installations and systems. Under this class, we offer Earthing Materials, GI Stay Wires, Copper Earth Strips, Copper Earth Plates, Earth Wires, G.I Flats, GI Earth Strips, Aluminum Earth Strips, Power Cables, etc. All these are manufactured keeping safety, latest industrial trends, cost-effectiveness, clients specifications and other important aspects in mind. The Earthing Material is widely used for power transmission applications.

Aluminium Earthing Material

Braided Cannector

Copper Earthing Material

Earthing Copper Plate

Earthing Copper Strip

Earthing Electrode

Earthing Pipes

Electro Galvanized Binding

Flat Bars

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